WP5100C In-Use Cover

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WP5100C In-Use Weatherproof Cover

Plastic in-use weatherproof covers are extra duty rated and easy to install. Covers come with a gasket, mounting screws, base, cover assembly and inserts to meet the needs of a variety of applications


  • Complies with 2017 NEC article 406.9 (B)(1) for wet locations and extra-duty applications
  • Exceeds CEC article 26-705
  • Ul certified for type 3r outdoor enclosures
  • Meets requirements for cold impact testing: -60-degree f (-51-degree c)
  • Heavy-Duty UV stabilized polycarbonate cover, mounting base, and inserts
  • 1⁄8" (3 mm) thick, neoprene gasket with slits for mounting screws
  • Lockable hasp: All models accept up to 1⁄4" (6 mm) dia shank
  • Impact rated: 12 lbf. impact test to ensure cover remains intact
  • Reinforced hinge pin designed to exceed 40 lbf. hinge hang/stress test