Wera 05020093001 Joker 6001 Switch Imperial Ratcheting Combination Wrench (8-Piece)

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6001 Joker 8 imperial ratcheting wrench set Especially suitable for tiny spaces The special mouth geometry expands the placement possibilities of the tool The low return angle in the mouth "takes" the screw every 15°  Slim ring side angled by 15° Suitable for docking with the Wera 2go system Set contains (x1) 5/16" x 115mm (x1) 3/8" x 125mm (x1) 7/16 x 135mm (x1) 1/2" x 160mm (x1) 9/16" x 167mm (x1) 5/8" x 182mm (x1) 11/16" x 210mm (x1) 3/4" x 230mm (x1) textile case Wera catalog number: 05020241001