Wera 05003470001 7 Piece Insulated Screwdriver Set - Interchangeable Blades

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The construction of the Kraftform Turbo allows a quadruplication of the speed when manually screw-driving - purely mechanically (without battery) Activation and deactivation of the turbo function by a simple push of a button The fixable universal gear allows powerful screw-driving and easy fine adjustments Robust, maintenance free gear made of steel (maximum torque 14Nm) Individually tested tool ad per IEC 60900 at 10,000 volts for safe working at up to 1000 Kit includes:  1 handles - 817 VDE Kraftform  2 Phillips Blades - (x1) PH 1 X 154mm + (x1) PH 2 X 154mm 4 Flat (Slotted) Blades - (x1) 0.4mm X 2.5mm X 154mm + (x1) 0.6mm X 3.5mm X 154mm + (x1) 0.8mm X 4mm X154mm + (x1) 1mm X 5.5mm X 154mm  Hook and loop fastener strip 70 Wera catalog number: 05003470001